Skwalking Heads Productions Company
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Welcome Skwalker Fans!

So what exactly is a “Skwalking Head”?

Is it merely a misspelling of the noise birds make, or does it have anything at all to do with “walking”? And who are the “heads” being referred to?

The sign on the office door reads, “Skwalking Heads Productions, Enter Walking, Exit Skwalking!”.

SKWALKING HEADS PRODUCTIONS, a Performing Arts Production Company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, offers innovative performances in Dance, Theatre, Mime, and Improvisation. The Production Team members are familiar faces in the Theatre Community of Chattanooga: Ray, Colleen, Zach, Jessica and Jerry.

The Laliberte family of Signal Mountain has been collaborating for years to create Dance, Theater, Storytelling, and Puppetry Productions in Chattanooga and abroad. Both Ray and Colleen Laliberte have directed for the Signal Mountain Playhouse, and Jessica has been the choreographer for Annie, the King and I, and South Pacific (at the Signal Mountain Playhouse), in addition to teaching dance courses at the Center for Creative Arts. Jessica's husband, Jerry Bowman has been a creative force in Chattanooga for decades, including serving as faculty member at Chattanooga State's Professional Actor Training Program.

If you take a look around the lobby at the Chattanooga Theatre Center you’ll find photos of every Laliberte Family member.






Enter Walking. Exit Skwalking


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A Thousand Cranes



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